Quickstart Guide



Comparing Users

# Imports a package used to run the asyncronous function. This library is not required for the wrapper.
import asyncio

# Importing the package
from amari import AmariClient

# The function to compare users level
async def compare_users_level(guild_id, users: list):
    # Initialize the package
    # Make sure to put your api token here
    amari = AmariClient("authorization_token")

    # Fetches the users and sets it to the response users var
    resp_users = (await amari.fetch_users(guild_id, users)).users

    # Here we are closing the connection. This is required once your done using the client
    await amari.close()

    # Makes sure 2 users are returned
    if len(resp_users) < 2:
        return False

    # Changes the dictionary of the users to a list of them
    users = [user for user in resp_users.values()]

    # Returns if their levels are the same
    return users[0].level == users[1].level

# Runs the function using asyncio due to trying to run an async function in a non-async enviroment.
# Make sure to add the user ids as a string
print(asyncio.run(compare_users_level(guild_id, ["user_a_id", "user_a_id"])))